The Catholic Men's Podcast
#24 Goodbye Cuba

A Wild Ride Escaping from Communist Paradise

#23 Heroic Purity

Take Courage and Be Pure of Heart


How Devotion to Mary Killed a Demonic Foe

#21 Meditation is Hard

Ways to Meditate and Why You Should

#20 Stalking the General: Part 2

Mission Impossible?

#19 Stalking the General: Part 1

Exploits of Sniper Legend Carlos Hathcock

#18 The Giant Saint

St. Christopher the Idol Destroyer

#17 King of the Foxes

Frightening Foxhunt

#16 Follow Me

Our Lady Mother of Good Counsel of Genazzano

#15 Last Rites

Peace of a Repentant Death in Christ

#14 Do You Want To Live Forever

Marine Stories: Dan Daly and Alvin York

#13 Beowulf

The Great Nordic Legend of Heroism

#12 The Hunted Priest

Fr. John Gerard in Protestant England

#11 The Worm of Lambton

Why Cussing and Not Going to Mass is Stupid

#10 Dragon Killer

The Real Story of St. George

#9 Hacker

The Danger of Techiness

#8 Catholic Legends

Ghosts and Resurrections

#7 A Brush With Death by Terry Deary

A WWII French Resistance Story

#6 A Fiendish Elephant

Dream of St. John Bosco

#5 The Lord of Chateau Noir by Doyle

A World War I Short Story

#4 Dreams of St. John Bosco

Deadly Nooses and Black Cats

#3 The FBI Story

Nuclear Secrets

#2 A Sermon By St. John Vianney

Why We Love the Virgin Mary

#1 The Striped Chest By Doyle

What's in the Chest?

Bringing Back the Catholic Gentleman