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The Salty Dog Storytime

a year ago

This is a public service announcement for the Salty Dog Podcast!

I’ve talked with a lot of the listeners of the Catholic Men’s Podcast and they are having a hard time finding the Salty Dog Storytime as well as keeping up with the different episodes.

Everyone thinks that it would be a lot easier for all parties concerned if we ran the Salty Dog Storytime as a special segment on the Catholic Men’s Podcast.

So from here on out, all of the past Salty Dog episodes will be featured on the feed of the Catholic Men’s Podcast and it’ll be understood that it’s just for a younger audience.

I’ll keep the Salty Dog Podcast website up for a few days and then it will be taken down. So I’d advise all the listeners of the Salty Dog to make sure they’re subscribed to the Catholic Men’s Podcast

So thank you all so much for your support and we’ll see you on the Catholic Men’s Podcast!

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